In this quirky dark comedy, bohemian Ruby and handsome Julian are having a fabulous first date, but when Ruby wants him to go home with her, Julian surprises her with his sexual proclivities. He tries to manipulate her into fulfilling his fantasies, but Ruby gets the upper hand in the film's hilarious climax.

Based on a true story, this wacky date night story is an homage to the bizarre and unfortunate internet dates that define so many young people's early adulthood. Online dating can be wonderful and full of magic and romance, but it can also create awkward, painful and baffling experiences that haunt you for years. Share this film with anyone who you think might be able to sympathize.


 London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival • London, United Kingdom • MARCH 10 & 17 

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Portland Comedy Film Festival • Portland, Oregon • MARCH 21 - 24 

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THE IRON MULE • Brooklyn, New York 

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HollyWeb • Los Angeles, California • April 5 - 8 

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Manhattan Film Festival • Manhattan, New York • April 18 - 29 

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Misha is a multimedia actor, writer, director, and producer. Her dramatic digital series Solitaire is a finalist in the 2017 Sundance/YouTube New Voices Lab, and her comedy The Industry was a 2016 finalist. Her short films Pee Sitting Down and Tinder is the Night are currently screening at festivals around the world.

As an actor, she has appeared regularly on Emmy-Award winning show A Crime to Remember. Off-Broadway writer/director credits include three Chekhovian satires set in a 1980’s high school, and A Seagull is Born. Off-Broadway acting credits include The Crucible, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and Psycho Beach Party

Much of Misha’s unique creative voice comes from her wild experiences in both New York and London as a young, single female. Sex positivity and female empowerment are part of Misha’s core creative value system, and with each piece she produces she delivers an authentic female narrative with a female-driven cast. In addition, her work raising conversation about equal rights and sex/gender identity in a way that is both inclusive and entertaining.

Sonja O'Hara.jpg

Sonja O'Hara (Ruby)

Sonja O'Hara is a Brooklyn based actor and filmmaker. She was recently awarded the Indie Soul Special Recognition Acting Award at The Boston International Film Festival for her performance in the upcoming feature film Ovum. She can be seen next in the TV pilot Doomsday, a finalist at the 2017 Sundance Episodic Lab, and an official selection at The New York Television Festival, SeriesFest and HBO's ITVFest where it recently won "Best Series." Sonja is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, AEA & NYWIFT and is represented by Pulse Films Management.

Sebastian Quinn 1.jpg

Sebastian Quinn (Julian)

Sebastian Quinn made his acting debut in New York after training in London and NYC. He has enjoyed doing comedy in the form of improv and sketch by performing with the NY group Guilty Pleasures as well as drama with various New York plays, most notably at the off-Broadway production of Alas The Nymphs that had its world premiere at B.A.M. for the Next Wave festival. Performing in Pee Sitting Down is his first comedic attempt on film, which hopefully will be a stepping stone to more opportunities in portraying the worst dates you've ever gone out with. 


Kimberley Browning (Consulting Producer)

Founder and Festival Director Hollywood Shorts Filmfest (est. Oct 1998). Producer 2016 HBO Access Diversity Program. Associate Short Film Programmer 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. Associate Short Film Programmer 2012-2014 LA Film Festival. Associate Short Film Programmer 2014 FICG in LA (Guadalajara International Film Festival). Her company Griffith Place Films spans TV, web, and film.


Photographer, cinematographer, filmmaker and traveler. His Cinematographer credits include Nail Biter and the short film Black People are Dangerous, originally adapted from the stage play. Assistant Camera credits include the unscripted show Material Girl: Pia Mia and Strangers on the Earth.

Roman Molino Dunn (composer)

Roman Molino Dunn (a.k.a. Electropoint) is a charting music producer and award-winning film composer. As a producer, he has worked with celebrity artists from indie groups to Grammy-winning musicians and his songs have been used on major network television shows. As a composer, he has created music for major advertising agencies and corporations, television commercials, award-winning feature films and web series, short films, and radio. He is based at Mirrortone Studios in Manhattan.



Pee Sitting Down Original Score

by Roman Molino Dunn

Click on the album to listen to the film's original score by Roman Molino Dunn. This complex and beguiling soundtrack is multi-genre, bridging romantic comedy and dark comedy to approach the subject of sexuality with a viewpoint not often used in mainstream media.

For more information on the composer please visit